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Enchanting Craft Cocktails You Should Know About

Craft cocktails could change the way you enjoy mixed drinks. After all, each unique concoction features an artistic and well-chosen blend of liquors, flavors, and styles. But what is a craft cocktail?

And what are some of the best craft cocktail recipes? In this article, we’ll be answering both of these questions. That way, you can order or create your perfect handcrafted beverage with confidence and curiosity.

Let’s find out what makes craft cocktails special!

What Is a Craft Cocktail?

A craft cocktail is a handmade, handcrafted cocktail that features at least one unique ingredient. These beverages, which are often alcoholic, are typically designed by experienced bartenders.

Craft drinks are often based on a pre-existing type of drink. For example, a margarita is usually tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, and salt. Agave syrup is also a common ingredient.

But when you make a craft margarita, you might want to add fresh blueberries or raspberries. You could also choose to add pineapple or other citrus fruit to brighten the taste of your drink.

These simple additions might not seem significant. But they can transform a cocktail’s flavor and make it stand out from among the crowd. As a result, the best craft cocktails feature uncommon and pleasing flavor profiles.

Best Craft Cocktails

Are you looking to learn more about some of the best craft cocktails? If so, you might want to check out your local craft beverage bar.

After all, there are thousands of craft cocktails to try, and many are unique to their bartender. Of course, we’ve also curated a helpful list of some delicious craft drinks that you can use for inspiration.

Without further ado, let’s explore some of the most innovative and delectable craft cocktails!

Pecan Old-Fashioned

There’s nothing quite like a sweet old-fashioned at the end of the day. This bourbon-based drink often features strong notes of vanilla, caramel, and smoky wood. And the 1923 Prohibition Bar might have the tastiest version.

The Pecan Old-Fashioned is a simple drink. It consists of sweet bourbon whiskey, pecan old-fashioned cocktail syrup, and a single artisanal piece of ice. But don’t let this simplicity fool you.

This Las Vegas craft cocktail has complex and satisfying notes that will leave you asking for me.

Maple Bacon Old-Fashioned

Bourbon is a type of whiskey that’s precisely aged in special bourbon barrels. This liquor is prized for its oaky, slightly sweet flavor profile. And while it can be enjoyed straight, it makes a fine base for craft cocktails.

Perhaps one of the most exciting takes on this classic cocktail is the Maple Bacon Old-Fashioned at Las Vegas’s 1923 Prohibition Bar.

This fine drink has all the sweetness of maple syrup and all the smoky richness of bacon and whiskey. It’s made of sweet bourbon and maple bacon old-fashioned cocktail syrup.

Of course, the Pecan Old-Fashioned and 1923 Barrel Aged Old-Fashioned are also exceptional bourbon beverages.

Barrel-Aged Manhattan

Manhattans have a storied history and are often associated with New York City and the early 20th century. Modern craft renditions of this cocktail are a surprising mix of modern styles and old-fashioned flavors.

Consider the Barrel-Aged Manhattan, for example. Made with rye whiskey,  sweet vermouth, and spicy herbal Australian bitters, this dark craft cocktail is pleasantly complex.

Sexy Negroni

What do you get when you mix gin, sweet vermouth, and herbaceous Campari? Why, you get a negroni, of course! But not all negroni cocktails are the same.

Brilliantly crafted negronis almost always feature a unique ingredient. For example, the 1923 Prohibition Bar has a drink called the Sexy Negroni.

This cocktail contains the added bonus of bittersweet Amaro Nonino, making for a fascinating tasting experience. You’ll enjoy notes of pine, vanilla, caramel, and herbs if you choose this fantastic craft beverage.

Gatsby Gin Fizz

A Tom Collins is a bright and refreshing cocktail made from gin, lemon juice, and carbonated water. It’s one of the lightest and most palate-cleansing concoctions ever created.

But it could be improved upon. For example, adding a dash of sugar and a whipped egg white could make for a thicker, more decadent craft cocktail. The 1923 Prohibition Bar offers a Gatsby Gin Fizz that truly hits the mark.

Al Capone’s Mule Kick

The mark of a top-notch bourbon bar is a menu full of stunning bourbon-based craft cocktails. What’s even better are drink transformations.

For example, consider the classic Moscow Mule. This drink is made of vodka, herbaceous ginger beer, and a touch of lime juice.

But by removing the vodka and replacing it with finely aged bourbon, you could create a unique spin on this well-loved beverage. A touch of your favorite citrus is bound to bring this cocktail’s flavors to life.

Al Capone’s Mule Kick is the ideal way to enjoy a bourbon-based Moscow Mule. Why not try one while visiting the best bourbon bar in Sin City?

Gangster’s Holy Grail

Everyone loves a good cool glass of ginger ale. But have you considered creating a ginger craft cocktail? To get started, all you’ll need is a ginger liqueur, ginger beer, and a citrus juice of your choosing.

The Gangster’s Holy Grail is a craft cocktail that features a mix of ginger drinks and bitter lemon juice, making for a herbaceous beverage that’s bound to leave you feeling pleasantly buzzed.

The Model T

This throwback cocktail honors the first mass-produced automobile released by Henry Ford. And though it might have a dark tint, similar to motor oil, its taste is a complex blend of woody bourbon and bright citrus notes.

The Model T is a craft cocktail that you can only find at the 1923 Prohibition Bar in Las Vegas. The expert bartenders here can masterfully muddle rich cognac, bourbon, and Cointreau into a drink worthy of an empire builder.

Tajin Temptation

As we mentioned previously, margaritas typically feature a mix of tequila and orange liqueur. However, you can also choose to combine smoky mezcal with bright orange juice to create a mezcalita.

Those making a pit stop in Las Vegas should take the time to try the 1923 Prohibition Bar’s Tajin Temptation for a taste of true mezcal delight. It’s made with agave mezcal, elderflower liqueur, and a housemade sour mix.

The rim is covered in dark red Tajin spice and the light mint garnish is expertly placed and muddled. These touches bring out every note in this excitingly paired cocktail.

Speakeasy Strange Rush

One of the most popular craft cocktails at the 1923 Prohibition Bar is the Speakeasy Strange Rush. This might have something to do with the fact that it’s a balanced, sparkling concoction of vodka and orange liqueur.

But the true star of the show might be semi-sweet sparkling wine and huckleberry puree. The slurry of sweet berry juice adds weight to the cocktail, and the sparkling wine lightens it, making it effervescent.

Best Craft Cocktail Bar in Las Vegas

Craft cocktails come in a wide variety of flavor profiles and styles. If you own bartending tools, you can practice making craft beverages at home. But, of course, professionally made drinks might be best.

Those visiting Las Vegas may want to make a point of visiting the 1923 Prohibition Bar. Its vintage decor and Roaring Twenties-inspired cocktails are bound to thrill your senses and keep you entertained.

Are you interested in scheduling a private event at one of Las Vegas’s premier cocktails bars? If so, please contact us today for more information.

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