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How to Choose the Perfect Birthday Party Venue

71% of people agree that party planning is a stressful event. From making your guest list to booking your venue there are a lot of things to do.

Birthday parties are meant to be memorable events that are fun for everyone. Yet, to make it so perfect you have to put in the work. All that starts with finding the best birthday party venue.

What factors do you need to consider to find the right venue? Don’t worry, we have you covered!

Keep reading to learn all about choosing the venue that will make your birthday party special.

Convenient Location

Your priority may be to please the person with the birthday, but you need to appease your guests as well. Choose a birthday party venue that everyone has easy access to or somewhere that you can get all your guests too.

If you plan to host your party out of town or out of state, be sure everyone can take the time off and have the means to get to the birthday party.

Inclusive Services

Many birthday party venues come with inclusive services. You will want to research these before you hire a venue. The day will be much easier if you can leave much of the setting up to the venue’s management team.

The best birthday party venue will offer decorations, meals, drinks, and entertainment in their packages. While this often costs more, it is worth it for a spectacular birthday celebration.

Check out a venue’s testimonials to find out the quality of what they offer in their packages.

Know the Capacity

The capacity and floor plan of a venue is important to know before you book. Some birthday party venues offer this number as well as a visual floor plan or 360-degree tour on their website.

Learn how many guests you will be inviting before you choose your venue. You want to have plenty of space, but not too much space.

Choosing a venue large enough for hundreds of people and only inviting 50 guests will make the party look like a flop. The number of guests could also affect the cost if too many show up. Know your maximum before booking.

Know the Cost

Before you do any birthday party planning you should set your budget. The cost of your venue will likely be the most expensive part of the day. While booking the venue, look for hidden fees or charges that may apply later.

You do not want to be blindsided by extra fees on the day of the party. Be clear with the venue’s management about how much you are willing to spend. Extra clarity upfront can go a long way at the end of the day.

Don’t forget to ask about deals as well. Some birthday party venues will give discounts based on the number of guests, the day you book, and more. Try not to assume that their price is firm. There are many ways to cut costs.

Know Your Guests 

You should know more than just the number of guests you are bringing. You should know who they are. Find out their ages, their genders, and as much personal information that you can.

When choosing a birthday party venue, you must make sure that it is age-appropriate. For example, if you are planning a 21st birthday celebration, you need to assume the friends of the celebrator are not all 21 yet.

Hosting the birthday somewhere that doesn’t allow persons under 21 might force friends to miss out on the celebration. Knowing personal information about your guests will help you decide what venue is the right choice.

Food and Beverages

Hiring a birthday party venue that provides food and beverages can help you save money and time. If the venue allows it, you can bring some of your food while leaving the rest to them.

That way you can bring your cake and favorite snacks while they bring out the real food and drinks. It’s in your best interest to learn about the venue’s catering options beforehand so you aren’t blindsided by the costs.

Party Activities and Entertainment 

Even if your venue is spectacular, it’s no fun to just sit around. Your guests need something to do or something to watch. The party doesn’t need to be organized by the minute but giving your guests options is always good.

Consider bringing some activities from home to do or ask the venue what they can offer. Some birthday party venues offer live entertainment on the stage to give your guests something to watch while they party and hang out.

Rules and Regulations

When looking for a top birthday party venue, always be sure to check their rules and regulations first. Some questions you’ll want answers to include the following.

  • Can I bring my food
  • Can I bring my decorations
  • How long can we stay
  • Are videos and pictures allowed

Each of the answers to these questions may change your mind about a venue. You may find rules and regulations on the venue’s website, or you can contact them directly.

Private Parties

Not all venues allow private parties. Before booking a venue make sure that you will have it to yourself if that is important to you. Nothing can ruin a birthday party faster than another one going on in the same room.

If you don’t mind having a public party, find out the busyness of the venue. Planning your birthday party on a weekend may mean that all your guests may not be able to get in due to the maximum capacity.

Find Your Birthday Party Venue

Finding the perfect birthday party venue can be simple when you consider all the right things. The best venue will make sure that you have a great and memorable time on their property.

When you are looking for a venue 1923 Prohibition Bar in Las Vegas pulls out all the stops. From delicious drinks to live entertainment, you and your guests are sure to have a stellar night.

Check out our website and book your private birthday party today.


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