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Speakeasy Las Vegas: Six Reasons to Visit a Speakeasy

More than 19 million people visited Las Vegas in 2019, as the city continues to grow in popularity for its incredible nightlife and tourist attractions. One of the biggest draws to Vegas is its vast selection of restaurants and bars.

But what if you want to avoid the crowded Vegas strip for a drink just for one night? Are there bars you can go for quieter, more personal comfort?

That’s exactly what speakeasies are for. They aren’t just relegated to the early 20th century, as more and more people are finding speakeasies to be an incredibly convenient spot for enjoying their nights in Las Vegas.

That’s what we’re going to dissect here today. Read on to find out why the words “speakeasy Las Vegas” just might lead you to the best night of your life.

What Is a Speakeasy?

You might be familiar with the term “speakeasy” from hearing about it in the history books. The word used to refer to illegal bars that popped up around the United States between the 1920s and 1930s, known as the Prohibition era.

Because the U.S. government prohibited the production and distribution of alcohol during this era, speakeasies became the place to go to get a drink. Due to the illegal nature of alcohol, finding these bars were difficult for most.

They secretly operated under the nose of the government and individual speakeasies gained popularity through word of mouth. They often required passwords to enter so as to not garner too much attention.

What Are Speakeasies Today?

After the Prohibition era ended, speakeasies began to fade away. In recent years, however, legal bars began opening up speakeasies to add some extra flair to their regular service.

Although alcohol consumption is legal for anyone over the age of 21, people are intrigued by the secrecy and rebellious allure of early 20th century speakeasies. That’s why bars began making their own in recent years.

These bars are often tucked away behind closed doors. They often use unassuming entrances and have a grand, 1920s-like atmosphere that’s reminiscent of the Prohibition era.

To really understand why people go through the effort of finding these bars, we need to dig deep into the specific reasons.

  1. Provides Safety and Comfort

While there are plenty of fun and safe things to do in Las Vegas, sometimes you just need something quieter and more homely. Speakeasies are inherently designed to have a select few guests in.

As such, people like to visit speakeasies in Las Vegas to enjoy a safe and comfortable night while still having the opportunity to hit the slots later on. Plus, speakeasies are often known for their excellent food and service.

If you search around for “speakeasy restaurant Las Vegas,” you’ll find places that serve excellent food on top of the service and drinks. This means they’re the ultimate spot for comfort in Las Vegas.

  1. Socialization

While you could argue that it’s not hard to make friends in Las Vegas, you’re bound to make a few unique acquaintances at speakeasies. Think about it: everyone at a speakeasy spent hours trying to find the place you’re going to.

Because of this, you’re bound to make friends at speakeasies. The secretive nature of it all means there’ll be a lot of repeat customers. The staff also remains the same too.

  1. The Thrill of the Search

If you’re tired of looking around Las Vegas for a generic sports bar or whiskey bar to go to, speakeasies offer a little more drama. Because they only exist through word-of-mouth, they’re much harder to locate.

While the internet makes it easy to find most places, it still makes going out and searching for a speakeasy enjoyable. The rush you feel when finally coming across one behind some random door is unlike anything else.

Searching for and finding a speakeasy based on a few clues from your friends and internet comments is simply fascinating and exciting. Doing it in a city as expansive and sprawling as Las Vegas is something else entirely.

  1. Incredible Drinks

Let’s not underscore the main reason people went to speakeasies during Prohibition: the drinks! Modern speakeasies would be nothing but a novelty if it weren’t for the fantastic drinks served in each establishment.

If you’re in Las Vegas, it can sometimes feel like a toss-up whether or not a bar you visit even has half-decent drinks for the price they charge. That’s not an issue at speakeasies in Vegas.

You can expect a wide range of cocktails made out of the best alcohol and ingredients out there. A typical speakeasy in Las Vegas hangs its hat on its excellent drink selection and quality, so only expect the best.

  1. Excellent Atmosphere

Something that most bars can’t beat when compared to speakeasies in Las Vegas is the atmosphere. Gone are the typical bar aesthetics of neon signs, TV screens, and framed photos.

Speakeasies often embody a specific theme and go all-out with it, such as the 1920s aesthetic of original speakeasies or an entirely different culture. Most speakeasies have a unique identity that you won’t find anywhere else.

The food and drinks often reflect that theme and provide an atmosphere that can’t be replicated elsewhere. Even though Las Vegas has hundreds of restaurants and bars, speakeasies are still unique in their presentation.

  1. Great Service

Speakeasies have knacks for making their customers feel special whenever they’re there. This comes with the secretive and exclusive atmosphere inherent in their design.

That being said, people love to go to speakeasies to get personalized service, almost as if the bartender and servers are their friends. In Las Vegas, that sense of personal connection to a place and its staff just isn’t common.

As such, those looking for a more personal drinking experience should visit a Las Vegas speakeasy right away. This unique approach will make your Vegas experience unforgettable.

Speakeasy Las Vegas: A Guide

If you’re curious about visiting a speakeasy, Las Vegas is a great place to seek one out. Use this guide to understand just why visiting one is such a great investment of your time.

Looking for an excellent prohibition bar in Vegas? Give us a visit or contact us for more information!

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