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Finding the Best Magic Show in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a vacation that has a little bit of something for everyone, you can’t go wrong with las Vegas. Known as Sin City, it actually has entertainment for all ages and interests.

Close to 40 million people visited Las Vegas in 2022. Magic shows are among the top reasons that people visit Las Vegas each year. In a city that has 24-hour entertainment, plenty of lights, and theatrical showmanship, it’s only fitting that you can stop into Las Vegas to see the best magic shows in the world.

So, which magic shows should you have on your list? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading so that you choose the best shows for your Las Vegas trip. 

Mysteries of the Hidden Chamber

Las Vegas’ 1923 Prohibition Bar has one of the best magic shows available. This show, called Mysteries of the Hidden Chamber, is set in an intimate environment filled with illusion and deception. It takes place in a bar that is set up like a 1920s speakeasy.

This show mixes magic and mentalism with adult comedy for a show that is a crowd-pleaser. Make sure you get tickets when you can, as this show is only held twice a week, once on Friday and once on Saturday.

Penn & Teller Live

Penn and Teller have long carved out a name for themselves in the magic business. They are legends of Sin City who have been a magic team for the last 50 years.

They’ve had TV deals, book deals and are beloved for their seasoned chemistry and masterful illusions. Like fine wine, the show gets better with age and is worth every bit of your time and money the next time that you are planning a Vegas trip.

David Copperfield

David Copperfield is often cited as the greatest magician of all time and definitely one of the best-known in the world. You owe it to yourself to see the Michael Jordan of magicians during your next trip to Sin City. 

This is one of the best things to do during your trip to Las Vegas and is legitimately an item to include on your bucket list. Though Copperfield has been active since the 70s, he is still doing an amazing 16 shows per week on the Las Vegas Strip. Copperfield’s show has landed him TV deals and more than 30 Emmy Awards. He combines masterful magic with engaging storytelling and optical illusions.

Criss Angel Mind Freak

Criss Angel represents more modern types of magic, which are part magic and part psychological thriller. In addition to traditional magic tricks, Angel immerses his act with stunts and pyrotechnic effects.

It’s a show that engages the audience mentally to the point that you’ll be amazed every time a big reveal happens. His shows sell out in Las Vegas regularly, so make sure to grab some tickets as quickly as you can when planning a trip.

David Blaine

David Blaine is also a modern magician who has made a name for himself in the past several years. You can check out his Las Vegas magic show to get a taste of his style, which has landed him TV deals and world renown. 

He is a master illusionist who is in the same vein as legendary performers like Evel Knievel. Blaine has carried out several tests of endurance, including being immersed underwater for an entire week. He also has plenty of world records under his belt that have yet to be broken. He’s the performer that you need to check out if you prefer your magic shows to verge on the extreme side.

Piff the Magic Dragon

This performer mixes magic with comedy. He brings his show to the Las Vegas Strip night in and night out. His work is critically acclaimed and brings in large crowds every night. True to his namesake, this performer does his routine in a big green dragon suit. He often brings his special assistant, a small dog, on stage in a dragon suit to accompany him.

You can catch Piff the Magic Dragon regularly in the flamingo showroom, and it is a ticket that you won’t regret.

Farrell Dillon

Farrell Dillon is a relative newcomer to the Las Vegas magic scene. He is already making a name for himself with an act that mixes comedy with magic. This performer has appeared on several TV programs, including the Today Show.

He masterfully weaves self-deprecating into his magic routine for a night of gut-busting comedy mixed with illusions. This award-winning comedian and magician also build a strong rapport with his crowd. The audience often comes up to Dillon after the show to take pictures and to chat about his act. As his name and buzz grow, now would be a great time to catch his show while the tickets are likely as inexpensive as they will ever be.

The Best Magic Show Options When Visiting Las Vegas

These tips are useful when you’re interested in finding the best magic show available. You’re never too old for a magic show, and Las Vegas has plenty of them for you to choose between. Now that you have a better idea of your magic show options, you can start placing reservations and putting together an itinerary for your trip. 

Keep these attractions in mind as you also book your flights, hotels, and other aspects of your big Vegas vacation. In the meantime, we’d be happy to see you at one of our Friday or Saturday night shows. 

If you want to check out Mysteries of the Hidden Chamber at 1923 Prohibition Bar, we’d be glad to have you. To purchase tickets, reserve a table, or ask questions, contact us on our site or call (702)740-5800 for further information. 

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